Vivaha Bhojanambu review – Just for some timepass fun

Title: Vivaha Bhojanambu
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Satya, Srikanth Iyyengar, Aarjavee, Sudarshan, Sundeep Kishan
Director: Ram Abbaraju
Streaming on: SonyLIV
Language: Telugu

Story: Mahesh (Satya) gets married to his love Anita (Aarjavee) against her father’s wishes. Post-wedding, the couple is forced to stay in their house along with both families due to the covid lockdown. What funny and unexpected events happened during this time forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Comedy actor Satya played the lead role in this film and he has done his part extremely well. His expressions and funny antics are all enjoyable and he definitely has it in him to become a top comedian. He completely holds the film even during the weaker portions. Besides him, it is Srikanth Iyyengar who was impressive. Late actor TNR had a meaty role and he was good. Others were fine. Sundeep Kishan is okay in his special appearance.

Technicalities: The film was shot during lockdown, mostly in a single location. Music is good. Camerawork and editing supported the film to a possible extent. Dialogues are neat with no vulgarity or crass jokes.

Analysis: A lot of films have already come out in many languages with the coronavirus lockdown as the backdrop. Since the film has limited scope, span and characters, it tries to focus purely on the entertainment factor. The initial portions are all fun-filled and set a good tone but it is not followed up well. After a point, the film feels lost and stagnant and illogical too at times. It was Satya who made the film bearable during these times. Besides Satya and Srikanth Iyyengar, other characters weren’t written properly including the heroine. Sundeep Kishan’s role was just a filler and doesn’t add any value. After a few hiccups, the films picks up again towards the end. The climax is predictable but a feel-good emotional touch can never go wrong.

On a whole: Vivaha Bhojanambu is not outright hilarious but is a watchable comedy flick with zero vulgarity. Can be given a try with family if bored.

Rating: 2.5/5


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