Netrikann review – Only for some thrills and good performances

Title: Netrikann
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Nayanthara, Ajmal Ameer, Manikandan, Saran Shakthi
Director: Milind Rau
Streaming on: Hotstar
Language: Tamil

Story: Young girls are mysteriously disappearing in the city and police are looking for clues. Meanwhile, CBI officer Durga (Nayanthara) meets with an accident and loses her brother and eyesight in it. How did Durga’s life get connected with the case of the missing girls and what happened next forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Nayanthara has done a good job as a blind woman and leads the film with her screen presence as usual. Ajmal Ameer is terrific as the ruthless villain and does enough to make the viewer fear and hate him. Supporting actors like Manikandan and Saran are good. Redin Kingsley, who appears as an agent for just a few minutes, entertains with his unique dialogue delivery.

Technicalities: Camerawork is impressive, especially all the night shots and the drone shots which made Chennai seem like some foreign land. Music and background score complimented the film well. Editing could have definitely been sharper. Action episodes are convincing enough but there were definitely a few over-the-top moments where the characters are rising up even after deadly blows.

Analysis: This film is a remake of Korean film Blind. The story isn’t something new, there are films with similar storyline but the only difference here is the protagonist being a blind character. Along with the protagonist, the villain is also revealed very early in the film and the entire film is about how the police caught him. So, since there is no major unpredictability factor, the pace could have been fastened up but that is not done. The film moves at a very leisurely pace during the first half with a lot of scenes which could have been easily chopped off. Close to the midway point, the film gains momentum and has a few well executed thrilling sequences. More such scenes or moments were required to allow the film to rise beyond it’s shortcomings. The climax was a total drag and further ruins a somewhat decent film till then. The film definitely had scope be a memorable thrilling ride but loses out on that chance and ends up as just an okay watch.

On a whole: Netrikann has it’s moments and good performances but not enough to pull off a great show.

Rating: 2.5/5

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