Radhe review – Mindless half-baked masala entertainer

Title: Radhe
Rating: 1.75/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda, Jackie Shroff, Megha Akash, Bharath
Director: Prabhu Deva
Streaming on: Zee Plex (Zee5)
Language: Hindi

Story: Radhe (Salman Khan), an aggressive cop and encounter specialist is assigned the task of catching the culprits behind the new drug mafia in Mumbai city.

Performances: Salman Khan’s terrific screen presence is enjoyable but when a poorly written character is given to play, even the best of actors can become helpless. The dance moves did not suit Salman Khan’s typical style and his reactions in certain serious scenes were unintentionally funny. He did well in action scenes though as always. Randeep Hooda is good as the baddy and the only character which has been dealt sensibly in the film. Disha Patani is glamourous but does not have scope to leave an impression. Jackie Shroff appears in a forgettable role. He appears in a couple of scenes which are crass and no idea why he is willingly doing such scenes. South actors Bharath and Megha Akash appear as supporting cops to Salman Khan and they are fine.

Technicalities: The visuals are grand, especially in the songs and fights. Music is peppy and all songs are catchy and visually rich. Choreography is different from usual Salman Khan films and might feel either weird or enjoyable based on how each one takes it. Fight scenes are too over-the-top. The very introduction scene of Salman Khan has him jumping into a building out of thin air. The interval fight is somewhat handled sensibly. The climax fight is an absolute mockery of human intelligence. Dialogues might please fans but offer nothing memorable. The CG work in the climax is terrible.

Analysis: Radhe is the remake of Korean film ‘The Outlaws’. The story is normal and just a cat and mouse chase between a cop and criminal. Don’t know what fascinated the makers to go for a remake. Director Prabhu Deva has tried his usual over-the-top approach while converting the film to Indian sensibilities. It is okay for a film to be illogical and not expect the viewers to use their brain but the amount of senselessness and absurdity in this film will definitely be hard to digest for most. The basic establishment of characters and their behavior is done in a very light-hearted way and so there is zero connect with the story or the characters. None of the characters have depth and the tone of the film changes from serious to funny whenever and however it wishes to. The film tries to become serious whenever Randeep Hooda is in the scene but that doesn’t workout because of the light-hearted and carefree writing for the rest of the scenes. The racy pace of the film is a major relief as it helps in hurrying things up and reducing the effect of every bad scene. The makers have taken a safe step by not going for a theatrical release as this film does not carry the sensibility or punch required to reach out to all sections of audience. Director Prabhu Deva has to realise atleast now that there is a limit for taking audience for granted and should come up with a more sensible and convincing narration and execution from now on.

On a whole: Radhe is a purely senseless masala entertainer aimed at the fans and masses and might end up as a painful watch for all except them.

Rating: 1.75/5

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