Joji review – Brilliantly written and acted slow burn family drama with thrills

Title: Joji
Rating: 3.25/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Fahadh Faasil, Baburaj, Joji Mundakayam and Unnimaya Prasad, Sunny PN
Director: Dileesh Pothan
Streaming on: Amazon Prime
Language: Malayalam

Story: The film deals with the dynamics within a family comprising of three brothers and a strict father, a lonely wife and a young son.

Performances: Fahadh Faasil is proving time and again what a powerhouse of talent he is. His role in this film has multiple shades and he has portrayed each of those shades perfectly and with ease. Baburaj, Joji Mundakayam, Sunny PN and Unnimaya Prasad are very natural in strong supporting roles. Rest of the cast also did a good job. All characters have been brilliantly written which made their performances even more effective.

Technicalities: Visuals are good and create the dark and moody feel. Music is a backbone for the film. All the crucial scenes have excellent background score. Editing is neat.

Analysis: Joji is inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth and was announced and made within 2 months during the pandemic with all precautions taken. Most of the film takes place inside a house with limited set of characters. Still, it never bores us or creates any kind of uncomfortable feeling. The pace is slow but always keeps us hooked. The film starts with the introduction of the characters and their behaviour and nature. Then, it progresses towards the important and unexpected events which take place within the family and how they reacted to it. The last 40 odd minutes is where the main drama takes place and it is simply brilliant to say the least. The screenplay is very well written and builds the momentum perfectly from the start to create the right amount of tension in the final portions. Dileesh Pothan deserves applause for showing his class through the writing.

On a whole: Joji is a very well written and acted slow burn family drama with some thrills and surely deserves a watch.

Rating: 3.25/5

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