Pagglait review – Slow paced but watchable for the intention and relatable characters

Title: Pagglait
Rating: 2.75/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Sanya Malhotra, Shruti Sharma, Ashutosh Rana, Sayani Gupta
Director: Umesh Bist
Streaming on: Netflix
Language: Hindi

Story: Sandhya (Sanya Malhotra) is widowed five months after her wedding and she discovers a disturbing secret about her husband and she also has to cope with the pressures posed by her husband’s family. How does she deal with all this forms the story.

Performances: Sanya Malhotra has done a great job. She is slowly proving that she can fit into any kind of roles. Ashutosh Rana, who mostly appears in serious roles, plays a soft character in this film. Shruthi Sharma and Sayani Gupta are good. There a lot of other supporting actors and all have got some scope to perform and everyone has done well and enhanced the film.

Technicalities: Camerawork is neat. Arijit Singh is the music composer and all songs and background score have come out well. Editing is okay. Though the film feels like it is in slow motion mode at times, the editor can’t be blamed for it because there are no unwanted scenes in the film. It is just that the director has decided to narrate them in slow and leisurely way. Some dialogues towards the end are good.

Analysis: The movie starts off well by introducing all the characters one by one. There is equal space and importance given to all characters and nobody is wasted. Director Umesh Bist needs to be appreciated for that. The movie is slow paced from start to end but the slow pace doesn’t feel like an issue at first but later starts testing our patience. The writing is good. The behavior of characters is close to reality and represents a typical orthodox Indian family. Also, the feelings of a young women who is craving for love and is widowed at a very young age have been captured well. Good writing is let down by slow pace. To make a good idea work, screenplay needs to be engaging and hold the viewer’s attention at all times. But this film becomes too slow after a point and drags unnecessarily. The climax is good though and neatly conveys what is the most basic thing a women expects from the society or family and what is the true definition of freedom and respect for women.

On a whole: Pagglait is a watchable attempt if you can bear with the slow pace.

Rating: 2.75/5

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