Ninnila Ninnila review – Soulful film but falls short of being memorable

Title: Ninnila Ninnila
Rating: 2.75/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Ashok Selvan, Ritu Varma, Nithya Menen, Nasser
Director: Ani I V Sasi
Streaming on: Zee Plex (Zee 5)
Language: Telugu

Story: Dev is at London to work as a chef in a restaurant owned by one of the best cooks in the world. He befriends Tara (Ritu Varma), who is also working there. Dev suffers from insomnia and muscle spasms. What led him to this situation and what happened next forms the story.

Performances: Ashok Selvan has delivered a delightful performance. He is simply a treat to watch. His funny reactions during muscle spasms are a highlight. Ritu Varma too has done her part really well. Nasser delivers his class once again. Nithya Menen felt like the weak link in the film. She plays a bubbly and hyperactive girl which she has mastered by now but somehow this time, her performance felt artificial and awkward. Comedian Satya has done well in a small yet good role.

Technicalities: Divakar Mani’s visuals are a treat to the eye, especially all the cooking portions and make us want to grab something to eat immediately. Rajesh Murugesan’s music is pleasant. Dialogues are neat. Editing is decent but pacing is an issue.

Analysis: The film has a wafer thin storyline. Two chefs who work together unexpectedly get to spend a night together at the restaurant and share each other’s past memories. This is the one-liner of the film but the way director Sasi has handled the film is interesting. For a very long time, the movie focuses purely on the various dishes and the cooking at the restaurant. All this has been captured beautifully and never bores us. Then, the drama comes in and that’s where the movie changes gears and turns slow. The slow pace doesn’t feel like a major issue until the flashback portion begins and the pace dips down further to become painfully slow. The flashback portion and Nithya Menen’s character in particular do not create much of an impact which results in the collapse of everything happening after that. The climax and the slight melodrama towards the end act as patience testing portions due to the ineffective flashback. Had the flashback portion been dealt better and runtime reduced, this film would have ended up as a very memorable one.

On a whole: A simple and ‘TASTY’ feel good film which falls short of being special. Recommended for those who love slow feel good dramas.

Rating: 2.75/5

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