The White Tiger review – Engrossing tale of an underdog

Title: The White Tiger
Rating: 3/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Adarsh Gourav, Rajkummar Rao, Priyanka Chopra
Director: Ramin Bahrani
Streaming on: Netflix
Language: Hindi

Story: This film is an adaptation of a novel by the same name and tracks the life of Balram (Adarsh Gourav) who started off as a driver in Bihar and ended up becoming a very successful entrepreneur in Bangalore.

Performances: Adarsh Gourav is the protagonist of this film and he is absolutely terrific from frame one to the end. He has done only around half dozen films in his career so far but his performance delivers the same kind of impact which someone like Nawazuddin Siddiqui might have been able to achieve. Rajkummar Rao and Priyanka Chopra appear in important supporting roles and both are very good but completely dominated and sidetracked by Adarsh Gourav. Mahesh Manjrekar, along with other supporting actors contributed well to the film.

Technicalities: Dialogues played a very important role in carrying forward the film and conveying the subtle emotions. Camerawork is good. Music is appropriate. Editing is okay but some initial portions in the second half could have been trimmed and the final portions deserved a slightly longer duration to make the ending more impactful.

Analysis: The story of this film is based on the novel by the same name written by Aravind Adiga. The film delivers a social commentary and tries to explore in detail what it takes for a socially and economically weak person to escape their fate, survive and rise up the ranks in a society. Adarsh Gourav’s mind blowing performance carries the film forward and it’s a role of a lifetime for him. The screenplay has been written very well and the movie never stops being engaging and unpredictable throughout it’s runtime. Kudos to Ramin Bahrani for that. The only problem with the film is that it takes too much time showing the dark and sad side of Balram and moves towards his rise a bit too late. Because of this, the last 10-15 which are supposed to be emotionally high end up being plain. Despite some minor issues, this film stands out for it’s strong and important theme and an engaging narration.

On a whole: The White Tiger is a deep and engaging story of the rise of an underdog.

Rating: 3/5

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