Anaganaga O Athidhi – Dull and boring

Title: Anaganaga O Athidhi
Rating: 2/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna, Veena Sundar, Ananda Chakrapani
Director: Dayal Padmanaban
Streaming on: Aha
Language: Telugu

Story: Srinivas (Chaitanya Krishna) arrives as a guest in Mallika’s (Payal Rajput) house. What happened after the arrival of the guest forms rest of the story.

Performances: Payal Rajput has done well in the role of an 80’s village girl. Her dubbing sounds odd initially but we get used to it as the film progresses. Chaitanya Krishna is decent. Veena Sundar and Ananda Chakrapani are fine as Payal’s parents.

Technicalities: Almost the entire movie takes place inside a house and so there is not much scope for the cameraman to do anything impressive. He has done what is possible in given space. Music is decent. Editing is fine. The movie is terribly slow for which the editor cannot be blamed. Artwork is okay. The movie’s story takes place in 1980 and the costumes are the only indication of that. Production values could have been slightly better for more effective output.

Analysis: After completing the film, anyone would feel that the movie has a good storyline. The story is so simple that it has more scope to be made as a short film rather than a feature film. In order to make a feature film using this story, the writers needs to put in their full efforts to create engaging scenes. But here, the writer and director Dayal Padmanabhan has failed to create an interesting screenplay. The movie starts off slowly and continues to move at snail’s pace despite a 92 minute runtime. There are hardly any exciting or interesting moments in the film to hold our attention. The entire film taking place inside a house with limited characters adds to the trouble. The movie is almost unbearable until the pre-climax twist arrives. The twist is a big surprise and the climax is also decently executed. Barring the last 20 minutes, the movie is terribly slow and uninteresting throughout. Better treatment from the start would have done justice to this storyline.

On a whole: Anaganaga O Athidhi is a boring affair which is unbearable upto the final portions.

Rating: 2/5

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