Colour Photo review – Feel good as well as emotional

Title: Colour Photo
Rating: 3/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Suhas, Chandini Chowdary, Sunil, Harsha Chemudu
Director: Sandeep Raj
Streaming on: Aha
Language: Telugu

Story: Jeyakrishna, an economically poor guy and Deepthi, a well off girl are engineering students in the same college in Machilipatnam. They fall in love with each other but they have a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to be together forever. Were they able to emerge successful or not forms the story.

Performances: Suhas is a revelation. He has mostly appeared as hero’s friend in all his films so far. In this film, he is the protagonist and he has carried the entire film so well with his honest performance which many will relate to. This film will be a turning point for him. Chandini Chowdary too is exceptional. Barring a couple of scenes where she could have underplayed, she is extremely good especially in the climax. Sunil is terrific in a negative role. Viva Harsha continues his successful streak with another good comic role. Other supporting actors are appropriate in their roles.

Technicalities: Venkat’s camerawork is excellent and showcased the beautiful sea shore in the most nostalgic way possible reminding us of the late 90’s which is when the film’s story takes place. Kaala Bhairava’s songs and music are very good and elevates the emotions in a lot of crucial scenes in the film. Editing is decent but the second half could have been trimmed a bit to avoid the dip in pace. Dialogues are well written. Artwork and production design also deserve mention for their efforts in being able to convince us with the late 90’s backdrop within limited budget.

Analysis: The story of the film is very simple. Were the two lovers able to fight against all odds and emerge successful or not forms the story of this film. The film does not offer a usual routine ending which is one of the factors which works for the film. The first one hour of the film is filled with feel good moments and some good comedy from Harsha and this makes the proceedings highly engaging. The second half witnesses a dip in pace and the movie does not flow freely like the first half for a while. The climax makes up for it and offers an emotional and heart touching ending. The movie also addresses several points like the role of one’s external appearance and caste in a relationship and all these are strongly pointed out through good dialogues. Despite some slow portions in the second half, the overall feel in the film and the good performances and technicalities ensure a quality product for Telugu cinema during this time of straight OTT releases.

On a whole: Colour Photo is both a feel good and emotionally driven love story and can definitely be given a shot.

Rating: 3/5

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