Amaram Akhilam Prema review: Lacks freshness and novelty

Title: Amaram Akhilam Prema
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Vijay Ram, Shivshakti Sachdev, Srikanth Iyengar, Annapurnamma, Naresh
Director: Jonathan Vesapogu
Streaming on: Aha
Language: Telugu

Story:  Akhila (Shivshakti Sachdev) is a very focused IAS aspirant and wants to win back the love of her angry father (Srikanth Iyengar) by clearing IAS exam. Amar (Vijay Ram) sees her at a bus stop and instantly falls in love with her. He starts wooing her but she strictly avoids him all the time. Did he manage to win her love or not forms the story.

Performances: The performances of both Vijay Ram and Shivshakti Sachdev are adequate and do not really create any major impact. The dubbing for Shivsakthi did not suit her. Srikanth Iyengar is good in a poorly written role. Naresh appears in a role without much screen space. Annapurnamma is good.

Technicalities: Camerawork and music are decent but do not add any extra value to the film. Dialogues remind us of movies which released 15-20 years ago. Editing could have been better and runtime could have been shorter.

Analysis: The story of the movie is wafer-thin and something we have seen in countless movies. Hero falling in love with heroine at first sight, heroine ignoring hero and being focused on her career and what follows next is something we have seen in too many movies. So, in order to make this storyline work, lot of fresh scenes and feel good moments need to be injected into the screenplay. Sadly, this movie offers neither. The first half is bearable with some routine yet passable scenes. The second half turns highly melodramatic after a point and tests our patience. Climax too is exactly what we expect and nothing surprising. The father-daughter emotional track does not work as expected. Predictability right from the word go is the biggest drawback for this film. Added to that, even the performances are not too great to hold the film. Director Jonathan Vesapogu needed a better screenplay for a routine story like this. There is nothing much he can do with an outdated script like this in hand.

On a whole: Amaram Akhilam Prema is a simple and predictable love story with lack of freshness. Try it if you are too bored.

Rating: 2.5/5

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