Lockup movie review – Intriguing cop thriller

Title: Lockup
Rating: 3.25/5
Reviewed By: Sai Nikhil
Cast: Vaibhav, Venkat Prabhu, Poorna, Easwari Rao, Vani Bhojan
Director: SG Charles
Streaming on: Zee5
Language: Tamil

Story: Police inspector Sampath (Mime Gopi) and a lady named Malliga (Poorna) are both found death at around the same time. Who is responsible for their deaths and how are they both connected and what do constable Vasanth (Vaibhav) and SI Murthy (Venkat Prabhu) have to do with these murders forms the story.

Performances: This is not a typical hero role for Vaibhav as he is dominated by the supporting actors throughout the film. He underplayed well and did justice to his role. Venkat Prabhu is terrific in his role with mixed shades. Both Vaibhav and Venkat Prabhu carry the mixed shades in their characters effectively. Easwari Rao is commanding as the police inspector. Poorna is good. Vani Bhojan appears in an ineffective role.

Technicalities: Cinematography and music are simple as per movie’s requirement. Editing work is good and helps the non-linear screenplay. Director SG Charles has done a very commendable job with the film. He has taken a set of interesting characters, defined them well and carried the story forward with a non-linear approach and made sure that he never made things too complicated or confusing.

Analysis: The film is a whodunit thriller. Two suspicious murders, few suspects and some clues constitute a good premise for this thriller. Right from the word go, the director focuses on the screenplay completely with no deviations whatsoever. There are no unwanted songs, comedy or love track. The movie goes at a good pace with some interesting revelations sprinkled here and there. Good performances also add to the engaging nature of the film. There are some minor logic issues which could have been taken care of.  Barring that, the movie is hardly disappointing. The unpredictability factor is maintained till the climax which is a major plus for the film. With a very simple story line, the director has created a non-linear screenplay and makes sure the suspense is maintained till the end without giving away much hints at the initial portions of the film. The runtime too is only around 105 minutes which is perfect for any thriller.

On a whole: Lockup is a neatly made whodunit thriller and is worth our time.

Rating: 3.25/5


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